Top Reasons to Have an Experienced Child Support Attorney

When parents separate or divorce, one of the most important issues is determining how to share the cost of raising their children. A good child support attorney in Orlando, FL can help you reach an agreement that addresses your specific situation. These lawyers can also assist you if your ex-husband or wife is not paying what they should be and fight to get what’s owed to you.

The amount of a parent’s child support obligation is guided by state law. A family court judge will review the case and determine an appropriate amount based on established guidelines. These guidelines factor in the net income of both parents, how many overnights each parent has with their child, which parent pays for the child’s health insurance, and other expenses. In some cases, a family court judge may deviate from these guidelines and lower or raise a parent’s child support obligations depending on the unique circumstances.

In some cases, a child support dispute involves allegations of a parent hiding income or using the funds for something other than the child’s benefit. This is a serious accusation that requires the assistance of a dedicated lawyer who knows family courts and the system. A capable child support attorney in Orlando can help you obtain proof to pursue legal action against a parent who is misusing or hiding income.

When it comes to child support, every parent has an obligation to provide for their children’s basic needs. These costs can include housing, food and clothing. They can also include medical expenses, childcare and education. In some instances, a child support payment can also cover extracurricular activities for the child, such as sports teams and music lessons.

Choosing the Best Child Support Attorney in Orlando

A reputable child support attorney can help you work out an arrangement that is in your best interest and that of your child. An experienced attorney will consider all the facts of your case and determine an appropriate child support award based on the current guidelines. An attorney can also help you modify an existing child support order if there has been a significant change in either parent’s financial status or the child’s needs.

The attorneys at Davis and Associates have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any child support matter. They are skilled in negotiating on behalf of clients and can represent their interests in mediation or trial. They can also handle other family law matters, such as alimony, property division and domestic abuse claims. They offer free consultations and work closely with their clients to understand their needs and goals. They are committed to helping them achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call them today to schedule a consultation. They serve clients throughout Florida.

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